I was commissioned by Adobe, for The Bully Project
The Bully Mosaic is an experimental project in which 16 artists from around the globe work independently to create one unified piece of art.
Each artwork is one tile in a grid of 16 artworks.
You can find the complete artwork by 16 amazing behance artists here: thebullyprojectmural.com.
The Bully Mosaic is an experimental project powered by Adobe, Lee Hirsch, the director
of the documentary “Bully
The Artwork image is based on a visual pun between the two words HELL and TELL.
The word « Tell », composed in bubbly letters is standing out from the word « Hell », composed in graffiti spiky letters.
This expresses the idea that the hell experienced by victims of harassment can be stopped, and put
 to an end, by means of speech (would it be by the victims themselves, or witnesses of hazing
Break silence about violence and harassment can indeed stop their vicious circle and their dramatic consequences.
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